VGRA is available to rent for private pool parties every evening after 7 p.m. except Wednesdays and July 4th 

Facility/Pool Rental Fees:


Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday: prices tbd

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday:  prices tbd

Non-Members (Must have Board approval)

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday:  prices tbd

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday:  prices tbd

Life guard rates and minimum lifeguard requirements: 

Rate:  tbd per hour per lifeguard

Minimum lifeguard requirements: 

30 guests or less:  2 lifeguards

30-60 guests:  3 lifeguards

61-80 guests:  4 lifeguards

81-200 guests:  6 lifeguards


pool at night



Non-members may rent the facility, but they must be sponsored by a current association member and have approval from the VGRA Board of Directors. They must pay a $200 refundable deposit, minus damages.

Members must fill out a party reservation form and pay in full the pool rental fee, damage deposit and lifeguard fees in order to have a confirmed reservation.

Members must pay a $100 deposit when they make their reservation.  This deposit will be refunded after the party, minus any damages or additional lifeguard fees incurred.  If damages exceed $100, the sponsoring member will be billed the remaining balance.

The number of lifeguards required at a party is dependent on the number of party guests.  All parties must have at least 2 lifeguards regardless of the number of guests using the pool.  Refunds will only be issued due to inclement weather or by discretion of the VGRA Board of Directors. 

The sponsoring member is responsible for the actions and behavior of all attendees and will be legally responsible and billed for damages and extra lifeguard costs.

The facility must be cleaned and closed down by the end of the reserved party time.  Any extra time spent by the lifeguards cleaning or closing the facility will be billed hourly to the sponsoring member. 

There is absolutely no glass allowed in the pool area.  Food and drinks must be kept away from the pools.  The noise level must be kept at a considerate level.   

All guests must fill out a Waiver of Liability Form before they can enter the facility.  An electronic copy of this form can be found on our website on the Waiver Form tab.  We recommend having your guests print and fill out the waiver form prior to your party.